The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando, Florida

  Last weekend, my husband and I were treated to a long weekend at the Ritz Carlton courtesy of Park West Galleries, because we bought art from them a couple months ago.  The Ritz in Orlando is a lovely hotel, with many wonderful amenities, fantastic service, and excellent dining.  The room itself was excellent, with a big bath and a Nespresso … Continue reading The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando, Florida

Key West

Key West is a fun, relaxing, zany, and perpetually sunny vacation spot, and one of my top picks for childfree travel.  You can easily fly into Key West.  If you live in Florida, you can also take a road trip, which is what my husband and I chose to do.  We live near Orlando, so we’ve driven to Key West … Continue reading Key West

Cruise Tips and Tricks

Now that Jim and I have sailed on seven cruises aboard three different cruise lines, we are learning tips and tricks for making the most out of cruising. After all, we want the most bang out of our buck. The first trick is pretty obvious. Look for a sale on the cruise line’s website. You … Continue reading Cruise Tips and Tricks

Cozumel, Mexico

I have had the pleasure of traveling to Cozumel twice now, once 6 years ago on a cruise with my husband, and then a few months ago with my best friend, Susan, who writes a lot of Trip Advisor reviews as Super Susanita. Cozumel is one of my favorite islands. The food is delicious; it … Continue reading Cozumel, Mexico