If you love to travel, and you want to travel without children, this is the blog for you!  No matter if you are childfree, parents who need time as a couple, or have already raised your children, you will find practical information about places to travel that are best suited for couples or for friends who just want a vacation without other people’s children.  I am a former teacher, now a writer and travel agent. I have been married for 29 years to my husband, Jim, who works in the insurance industry.  We love to travel, and with the exception of some family vacations with my parents and my sister’s family, we have traveled quite a bit as a couple.  So far we’ve been all over the continental US, the Caribbean and Canada.  We’ve also visited Mexico, Spain, Italy, France and England.  I spent a month studying in India, and he spent 6 months in Saudi Arabia.  We are looking at our next trip, which could be Sweden or another Sandals vacation.

I love kids, but when I travel, I want to have fun and that doesn’t include other people’s children. My husband and I enjoy traveling to places geared towards couples and adults so you will find some of our favorites here as well as our friends who also like to travel childfree.  We will offer our best advice about traveling to places where you can experience adventure or relax and be pampered.  We love exploring the arts, culture and cuisine wherever we go. We will also include posts about budgeting for travel.  Jim and I have learned some tips and tricks as far as saving for travel.  We’re learning more all the time.  Jim and I hope you will find this blog both fun and useful!